A meaningful life deserves to be shared and protected

Share special life events with friends and family, avoid emergency medical complications, plan for the future, and leave a legacy.

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What are you waiting for?

You’ve lived, loved, learned, and experienced many life events. Do you find yourself reminiscing about memorable moments in your past?

Have you shared those special moments with loved ones?
Are you prepared for a medical emergency?
Do you have a plan for the future?

Confidently answer these questions YES with Life Events.

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I’ve been working with Paul to bring this product to market. I’ve looked at all the competitive solutions, and this one does it all. I plan to be one of the first to use it when it goes live.


Mike Meldrum

I know the founder of Life Events personally and I’ve seen firsthand his passion for this project.  I’m looking forward to sharing our life stories and I believe planning for both health and the future is very important.


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Life Events is free! There is no credit card required to get started, all modules are included, you won’t be bombarded with ads, and you can leave at any time. 

What’s the catch? Storage space is limited to 5GB, which should be enough to use it in a meaningful way. If you need more storage you can leverage your current cloud provider or buy a paid subscription