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Organize the vital information in your life (legal, financial, insurance, etc.) and tell others when/where/how to access it with life planning.

Don’t burden those who will need it if something happens – get organized now!

Gold Line

Life Planning In Action


- Decisions


If/when something happens to you, you don’t want to be burdened with hundreds of questions and decisions.

What type of insurance did you have? Do you have a DNR? Where is it? These are just a few questions that will be posed to your loved ones in rapid order.

Life Planning lets you organize important information, designate who should get it if something happens to you, and relieve the burden on your loved ones.

Life Planning - getting your affairs in order worksheet


Keep all your important legal documents in one place, and have them automatically sent when and where they are needed. 


Outline how you’d like the days after you pass to go and save your loved ones the burden of answering a million little questions when they are grieving.


Birth, marriage, and divorce certificates, tax returns, and other documents are necessary to support those managing your estate. Make them easy to find.


Identify the large assets that make up a significant share of your estate, like your house, car, and boat, to ensure they don’t get overlooked if something happens.


We get insurance to protect us when things go wrong. Make sure all your coverage is easy to find and use when it is needed most.


Don’t risk significant financial assets getting overlooked because no one knows they exist. 


Financial advisors, lawyers, and even how to care for your pet becomes critical information.

Don’t let anything get overlooked!


Built For Security

At Life-Events, security is a foremost concern. We never compromise on safety, and we make no decisions without discussing it.

We continually evaluate and seek to improve security procedures. Our team works hard to ensure the platform is the most secure way to store and share your vital information confidently.

Advanced user permissions to give access to only those who need it

Bank-level data encryption of all information in transit and at rest

Strong password-protection and support of dual authentication methods

Timestamped activities to keep track of who accessed what and when


What good is a will and estate plan if no one can find or access it? You need to let people know where this critical information resides, and if it is locked – how to unlock it. But this just scratches the surface of what people really need to know when you pass. 

The end of life planning module was built to help you organize a plan to get your vital information to the people who need it, when they need it most. It shifts the burden to the person who knows how to answer every question.

No, it just makes them easier to find and access when they are needed.

The good news is Life Events support storing your documents in popular cloud storage solutions. You can simply add links to where your documents currently reside. 

The reason you should consider storing the documents in Life Events is security. Cloud storage links don’t require authentication and it is easy to lose control of them. Life Events requires dual authentication and offers bank level security.

You decide what part so your end-of-life planning can be accessed and what triggers that access. If you want someone to have access immediately this is possible. If you want to provide access only after you pass, that is also an option.

We also don’t take anyone’s word that you’ve died. We require a death certificate and do our best to verify it with the issuing authority before providing access to your life planning.

Life Events has a patent pending process for triggering the release of information. Information can be made available immediately, on a specific date and time, upon receipt of a death certificate, in an emergency medical situation, or you can even set a countdown to a release.

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