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Special Moments helps you capture important times in your life, reconnect with friends and family, and leave a legacy.

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A wise person once said we are the sum of our experiences. Everything we do shapes who we become. Some moments are more significant than others, and they deserve to be shared.

There are stories we’ve told many times, while others we’ve held close. Some we’ve captured in pictures and videos, while others have memorabilia that remind us of them.

Special Moments offers an opportunity to share and preserve your life’s stories and to use them to reconnect with people who meant something to you.

special moments


Write your story as you experienced it and let others know why it was special to you.


Tell you stories in your own voice and make them more personal. Let others hear the emotion they evoke.


Use pictures to bring your words to life and help others visualize the experience.


Record yourself telling your stories or add a video and create a talk track to it describing the moment and its meaning. 


We keep souvenirs and memorabilia to remind us of special moments. Attach them to your stories and identify who they passed on to when you’re gone.


Reach out to the people that were part of the story, or family and friends and invite them to interact around and about your stories.


Control who sees what and when. Guests can only see stories for which they are invited. You control access to your Special Moments.


Built For Security

At Life-Events, security is a foremost concern. We never compromise on safety, and we make no decisions without discussing it.

We continually evaluate and seek to improve security procedures. Our team works hard to ensure the platform is the most secure way to store and share your vital information confidently.

Advanced user permissions to give access to only those who need it

Bank-level data encryption of all information in transit and at rest

Strong password-protection and support of dual authentication methods

Timestamped activities to keep track of who accessed what and when


Only people you invite to view a story will see them. You can even decide if they become a public memorial when you pass or if they should remain restricted. 

Yes, you can add picture and videos. You can write the story and have pictures appear as a slide show or you can also write a story about a video.

Capturing a story is similar to doing a post on social media. Before you share it you select the audience. The system will show you existing connections and provides methods to invite people via email and text links.

We ask you to identify when an event occurred and those dates allow us to organize the information into a timeline of your life.

A configuration option of Special Moments enables it to become a memorial when you pass. This gets triggered in the same manner as Life Planning, which requires submitting a death certificate to Life Events.

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