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If you have severe allergies, implants, artificial joints, or simply take many common medications you need MY Health Record to let first responders, and other emergency response professionals know so they can provide informed care.

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My Health Record In Action

My Health Record

Informed Emergency Care

If you require emergency medical assistance today, would you risk a catastrophe? If you have severe allergies, implants, artificial joints, or take many common prescription or over-the-counter medications, you probably are at risk.

First responders need to know basic medical information to treat you effectively. What do they do without it? They assume, guess, and take risks – because they have no other choice!

My Health Record


Close to 100,000 people die every year due to adverse drug interactions – don’t become a victim. Let first responders know what drugs you take so they can make intelligent choices.


Each year 200,000 people in the U.S. require emergency medical care for allergic reactions to food.

First responders look for emergency information on your phone. Letting them know your allergies and common symptoms could be lifesaving.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends vaccinations throughout your life to protect against many infections. First responders need to know your vaccination status to rule out certain diseases and look for others.


Knowing your family history also helps first responders quickly diagnose symptoms that might otherwise get missed. Any doctor or dentist needs the same information before treatment, and Life Events make it easy to collect and send.


Advanced directives are only helpful if available to those responding to a health emergency. Keep your Organ Donation Card, Medical POA, Living Will, DNR, and POLST as part of the emergency information on your cell phone.


Let healthcare providers know who to contact if you require medical treatment, including doctors, family, and close friends.


Built For Security

At Life-Events, security is a foremost concern. We never compromise on safety, and we make no decisions without discussing it.

We continually evaluate and seek to improve security procedures. Our team works hard to ensure the platform is the most secure way to store and share your vital information confidently.

Advanced user permissions to give access to only those who need it

Bank-level data encryption of all information in transit and at rest

Strong password-protection and support of dual authentication methods

Timestamped activities to keep track of who accessed what and when


First responders are trained to look at your mobile phone for you name and emergency information. The Life Events App adds My Health Record to this screen giving them easy access to everything they will need to know to provide informed care.

Life Events provides three methods to access MY Health Record?

  1. Life Events Account Login – Life Events uses multi-factor authentication by default. To access My Health Record with this method someone would need your ID, Password, and possession and access to your mobile phone.
  2. Medical Professional Request – Medical professionals can request access to My Health Record, but must first present a state issued photo ID and have their medical license verified.
  3. Mobile App – To access My Health Record using the mobile app a user would need to login to your phone and the app. You can optionally add the information to the emergency screen. If you do this, the information becomes available to anyone in possession of your phone.

Medical professionals are required to provide their license and photo ID. The photo ID must match the name on the associated license, which is verified through state licensing agencies.

One of our product goals is to eventually replace all those forms you fill out each time you visit a doctor or dentist. We spoke to the medical community, and they are receptive to this exchange of information. They also believe it is better to have patients complete the information before arriving at their office.

You’ll be able to send the information to your doctor or dentist through a simple button in the app. We believe many medical professionals will be receptive to receiving the information using this method, and this will ultimately get us working towards a standard for this exchange.

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