End-of-Life Planning Checklist

end of life planning checklist

Everyone should do end-of-life planning, but few people take the time to do it. It can be challenging to think about your death, but getting your affairs in order can make things much easier for your loved ones when the time comes. Our end-of-life planning checklist helps you ensure that all of your bases are […]

Past Medical History Helps First Responders Avoid Mistakes

Past Medical History

What if this were you? You go out to a new lunch spot alone, order food, and eat like any other day. You finish, pay, and begin heading towards your car. Suddenly, you don’t feel good and start to collapse in the parking lot The restaurant sees you on your knees and calls 911, but […]

Special Moments: What are they? What makes them special?

Special Moments

If you were asked today to give your eulogy, what would you say? What is it you’d want people to know? For most of us, our thoughts turn to the people and experiences we remember most fondly. These are our special moments. We are the sum of our experiences, and our experiences shape and reshape […]

How do I Choose a Good Attorney for a Will and Estate Plan?

good attorney

Choosing a good attorney for will and estate planning can be challenging. While death is an unfortunate fact of life that you can’t always control, you can manage what happens to your estate after you’re gone. If you’re comfortable enough to plot what comes next, choosing a good attorney for a will and estate plan […]

Do I Need a Medical Emergency Plan?

medical emergency

A medical emergency plan includes instructions for your care in the event you are incapacitated.  What are the chances you’ll need a medical emergency plan? By age 65, your chances of becoming incapacitated are over 50%. If you live to over 80 years old, the risk is almost 75%. Although age is a factor, even […]

Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record PHR

A personal health record (PHR) is health data and related information maintained by the patient. The intention of a PHR is to provide a complete and accurate summary of an individual’s medical history when the patient and the medical community cannot.   Today, patients are expected to understand their health and engage fully in their […]

Advance Directives

advance directives

When it comes to your health, planning is crucial. Even if you are perfectly healthy, it is essential to consider what medical treatments you would want if you were too ill to communicate health care decisions. Putting advance directives into place can ensure you receive the type of care you would desire if you are […]