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Merry Christmas Mom Poem

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A family gathering

Time for traveling

Gifts to gather and bring

Merry Christmas Mom


The lighting of the tree

Our hearts full of glee

Friends and family

Merry Christmas Mom


Light snow at night

House decorated just right

A season full of delight

Merry Christmas Mom


A hug and warm embrace

The feel of snow on my face

Memories I’ll never erase

Merry Christmas Mom


A Christmas bell rings

Distant sound of caroling

Hope to end suffering

Merry Christmas Mom


It’s such a busy time

It’s fine, I really don’t mind

Everyone is so nice and kind

Merry Christmas Mom


A new year we foresee

So many Hallmark movies to see

They’ll all make you want to believe

Merry Christmas Mom


Like all things this poem must end

But not before I can spend

One more day with my best friend

Merry Christmas Mom

The holidays are a season of joy, and mothers bring it to life. This year we want to celebrate all Moms who make the season so special and fill our hearts and minds with memories. From everyone at Life Events we hope you enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.