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55 Unique Message Ideas for Gift Cards

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The gift card or eGift card is an excellent choice for various occasions. Some people are concerned gift cards could seem uninspiring or impersonal. A solution to this concern is adding a personal touch with an appropriate message to elevate the gift to a higher status. We’re offering message ideas for gift cards as inspiration to achieve this goal.

The perfect word choice will let the gift card recipient know you are thinking of them and appreciate them. Here are some examples of the messages to include with gift cards to suit a wide range of occasions and situations. 

Sympathy Message Ideas for Gift Cards

When someone close to you experiences a loss or is feeling down for any reason, it is essential to let them know you’re there to support them. Including a small gift when you’re sending a card that expresses sympathy often makes sense, and this is especially true if it gives the person something to look forward to in the future. Consider using the following notes for inspiration when sending sympathy and gift cards together.

  1. “Sending love and support to you and your loved ones in this time of sorrow. Use this gift to bring some joy to your life.”

This message expresses the proper sentiment and acknowledges all suffering from the loss. It positions the gift card as a light in the darkness.

  1. “I’m so sorry to hear about your recent loss. Use this gift to unwind whenever you’re ready.”

Send this message with a gift card for a leisurely activity you believe the recipient will enjoy after they’ve stopped mourning.

  1. “It’s tiny, but I hope it will make the next few weeks a bit easier.”

When someone is mourning, they often avoid cooking. Many people bring food to support those in the morning. Pizza, casserole, and lasagna are go-to dishes at this moment, but there is only so much of that a person wants to eat. An Uber Eats or GrubHub gift card is a great way to offer variety while remaining supportive.

  1. “I can’t cook, so I’m sending you my love, strength, and hope in this time of sorrow. Please use this gift card to enjoy some good food.” 

When someone is mourning, it is common to provide comfort food. An Uber Eats, or Grub Hub gift card is a great way to offer food without cooking.

  1. “My deepest sympathies for your loss, please use this gift card to take care of your families needs during this difficult time.” 

Giving a gift card for grocery or food delivery shows you care and understand their situation.

  1. “Let’s get out together once you’re ready.”

Giving a gift card for an activity that you and the recipient can share is a great way to show support and focus on the future.

  1. “When the kids are ready, we thought they’d have a lot of fun doing this.”

Loss is hard on children, and it helps to shift the focus to a fun future event like a movie or amusement park. You can also choose a gift card that creates enjoyment at home, such as a gaming console or streaming service.

  1. “Put some joy into your children’s holiday season, regardless of circumstances.”

The first holiday after losing a loved one can be challenging, especially for kids. Gift cards to one of their favorite spots can make a difference and change the mood.

Get Well Gift Cards Ideas

  1. “I hope each day brings you closer to recovery. Let’s go out when you’re better!”

Give the person healing something to look forward to, with a gift card and message for something you can do and enjoy together. 

  1. “Hopefully, this makes being at home a bit more bearable.”

Help a person trapped at home due to an injury or illness with a gift card they can use to purchase things that make being home more fun, like gaming or streaming subscriptions.

  1. “Enjoy some fun as you recover!”

A subscription to streaming services is yet another eGift you can give to housebound people as they recover.

It’s possible that this Netflix Gift Card, as well as this Hulu gift Card, could be the answer.

  1. “Have a speedy recovery, and try to enjoy your time off!”

This is a good message for a co-worker who is a workaholic. Give them a gift card for a streaming service or gaming site and encourage them to avoid work while recovering

  1. “Hoping this helps with medication expenses.”

Being practical can also provide someone sick with some relief. A gift card that they can use at a pharmacy to offset medications expenses might be right on the mark. Most grocery and drug store chains offer gift cards that can be used for this purpose.

  1. “I hope you get stronger each passing day. This should help with some of the expenses.”

Encourage the person to recover and offer a practical solution to offset medication expenses

  1. “You’ll recuperate, and you’ll need to relax once you do.”

Being afflicted by an injury or illness can be difficult. Send someone a message that you’re considering them by gifting them a voucher to a spa or salon for a relaxing day they’ll cherish after they’ve recovered.

Wedding Gift Cards Message Ideas

Give a little extra happiness to the couple’s wedding day by sending gift cards and these messages!

  1. “Here’s a little something to start your life together.”

If you’re aware that newlyweds plan for their honeymoon, get a gift card to encourage something romantic on the trip. 

  1. “Congratulations! This will be useful on your honeymoon.”

If you know that newlyweds are planning to go to specific locations on their honeymoon, you might get a gift card to a popular eatery or attraction.

You could also give your couple a Hotel Gift Card to assist with accommodations.

  1. “Let’s get together when you’re done honeymooning!”

There are those who worry that their friendships will be strained once they are married. Make sure this doesn’t occur by giving them a gift card to an activity that you can enjoy together.

  1. “Thank you for letting us share your special day, and here’s something the two of you can share.”

This message acknowledges the important event and puts the focus on the couple being together in the future.

  1. “You were clearly made for each other, so here’s something to do together.”

This is a great message to give, along with a spa coupon for a couples massage.

  1. “Congratulations. Don’t forget about date night!”

Make sure newlyweds know it’s important to keep the romance going after the wedding and honeymoon with a gift card to one of their most loved places when they were dating.

  1. “Remember you’ll still require some time apart, and that’s only natural.”

The newlyweds may struggle to adjust to the absence of time alone following their wedding. Make sure friends can make time for themselves by sending them gift card messages and two cards for activities they can do apart.

  1. “Thank you for sharing this special moment. You’ll find now is a great time to splurge on new sheets.”

The newlyweds will naturally spend more time in bed, so what better gift than an upgrade in their bedding from a store like Brooklinen.

Birthday Message Ideas for Gift Cards

  1. “A special person, on a special day, deserves a special gift!”

Give them a gift card for something you know they really enjoy. Show them you care by showing you know them.

  1. “Instead of focusing on just one day, let’s celebrate throughout the week!”

Give them a small gift card for a different eatery each day of the week of their birthday. Encourage them to celebrate all week with you!

  1. “Enjoy your special day doing what you love to do.”

If you know the person having a birthday has a hobby or something that lends itself to a gift card to encourage, this is the perfect message!

  1. “Have fun – but not too much fun!”

If someone has just turned the legal drinking age and wants to limit their alcohol consumption, you can include this note with a gift card to an establishment in the area.

  1. “Choosing the best birthday present for you is difficult. Loving you isn’t.”

We usually select gifts in cases where we don’t know what our recipient would like. This is a great gift card option if this is the situation.

  1. “Here’s something we can do together to celebrate your special day.”

This note is perfect for a close friend who will want to share a night out with you.

  1. “Thanks for the great times. It’s your turn to enjoy yourself!”

Gift a gift card to an activity that is fun to those who have given you enjoyable moments when you were young (such as a grandparent or parent). Include this message to send them a happy birthday wish and to express your appreciation for their time.

  1. “Tonight’s for us. “Happy birthday!”

If you and your group are celebrating a birthday celebration with a night out and they’re not the type of person that normally won’t let you pay, make a pool of money for the entire group to pay for the evening prior to the date by using the help of a present voucher (and that message).

  1. “You’re never too old for a Disney movie!”

If you have a friend that is really into Disney and movies, buy them a Disney+ gift card, and include this message.

Baby Shower & Newborn Message ideas for Gift Cards 

Help someone to celebrate one of the most wonderful moments in life and send them a message saying “congrats on the baby’s arrival” by sending any of these words.

  1. “Buy out the toy store!”

gift card to an infant toy store is a basic yet smart gift idea for this special occasion.

  1. “Congratulations on this new adventure! Now let’s get that baby some clothes.”

A gift card to an infant clothing store is a basic yet smart gift idea for this special occasion.

  1. “Trust me; you’ll be through all your diapers in a hurry.”

Another gift that is often given to babies at showers or the birth of a baby is a gift card that can assist new parents with buying essentials.

  1. “When you’re ready, we’ll watch the children, and you can take the night off.”

Utilize this message with the gift card to a restaurant to let your friends know you’re glad to help them take time off to relax when they need it.

  1. “Life just got real! Time to stock up on provisions for what’s bound to be a thrilling ride.”

Utilize this message with the gift card to a grocery store to let your friends know they’re about to spend some exciting and long time at home.

  1. “Life just got real! Time to stock up on provisions for what’s bound to be a thrilling ride.”

Utilize this message with the gift card to a grocery store to let your friends know they’re about to spend some exciting and long time at home.

  1. “If they’re like their parents, your child is going to be genius.”

Baby books can also be excellent gifts for newlywed parents. Therefore, you might want to present the gift of a gift card to an online bookshop.

  1. “Use in the event of a ‘Can’t leave the baby today emergency.”

Just getting out of the home to shop for food items is not easy when you have a baby. This is the perfect message to send with a gift card that can help, like one for a local food delivery service.

Housewarming Message Ideas for Gift Cards 

Moving into a brand-new home is an additional major event. The gift card messages can assist you in congratulating anyone on this day.

  1. “Congratulations! I hope this helps during the transition.”

gift card for a home store is perfect for someone who has recently moved into a new house, as most people will need to purchase essential items for their new home.

  1. “You’ve got the keys! Now it’s time to make it your own.”

Encourage the recipient to start making their home work for them with a gift card to Lowes or Home Depot. 

  1. “Give yourself an opportunity to rest whenever you get a chance. It’s your right!”

Moving can be stressful. Encourage the recipient to take breaks once the move is complete by giving them a gift card for something enjoyable.

  1. “Remember, home wasn’t built in a day! Make this one you own.”

Encourage the recipient to customize their home with a gift card to Lowes or Home Depot. 

  1. “You relocated to a wonderful spot. This is just one thing to see or do.”

Make use of this gift card message in case the person who receives the card moves to a different state or city. Let them get used to this new situation by gifting them an offer for an exciting or enjoyable activity specific to the region.

  1. “This will make stocking the fridge effortless.”

Sometimes, the best present can serve an actual purpose. Shopping for groceries is often an essential task to be completed when one relocates to a new place. So, take care of the cost of their first grocery shopping trip by giving them a voucher.

  1. “A new home is so exciting! Here’s something to help you prepare for the housewarming celebration.”

Use this note with a gift card if you know the person is planning to throw a housewarming celebration.

Thank-You Message Ideas for Gift Cards 

Be sure that the person you’re purchasing a gift card for understands how much you love them by including any of these words in your thank-you note.

  1. “Thanks, we would not have done this without your help.”

Let a friend know you really appreciated their help with a project with this note and a gift card to a place they’d like to try.

  1. “Thanks for teaching me; you’re the greatest teacher ever!

A lot of teachers must purchase classroom equipment by themselves. You can show your appreciation to your teacher by giving them a gift card to make this simple and less expensive.

  1. “I am so grateful for all you do every day.”

Let them know you see what they’re doing to support you every day with a gift card reward for coffee or lunch. 

  1. “Thanks for all you’ve done for me. Go on a dinner date!”

You might be heading off to university, and you would like to inform your parents that you’re aware that having children living in the home restricts their choices. Send them this gift card message as well as an invitation to an activity with your partner.

  1. “I really appreciate your dedication to the work!”

Let a co-worker know that you see the effort they are giving and that it is making a difference with a gift card and this message.

  1. “Thanks for your assistance; now take a break!”

This thank you note is perfect for writing a thank-you note for a caretaker to thank them for their efforts in caring for someone special with a gift card.

  1. “You deserve this time off after caring for me for all these years.”

Are you planning to give a gift card to a family member or a person who cared for you during your recovery from an injury or illness? If so, please include this message on the gift card.

  1. “Thanks for helping us move! You’ve earned a date night.”

It’s commonplace for people to express gratitude to relatives and friends who helped their move by inviting them to a restaurant for a meal. But, if you don’t be able to do that it’s possible to give a gift card to the restaurant they love.

  1. “Thank you for your thoughtfulness. You’ve truly made my day!”

When someone does something special during your day, have a gift card ready and let them know it mattered.  

Don’t forget; gift cards are an ideal present in almost all circumstances. The gift card message is a great way to make the gift more personal and special. We hope these message ideas for gift cards help you take your gift to a higher level.