Getting Your Affairs In Order Worksheet

Organize the vital information in your life (legal, financial, insurance, etc.) with our getting your affairs in order worksheet.

Don’t burden those who will need it if something happens – get organized now!

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Getting Your Affairs In Order Worksheet

The affairs-in-order workbook is designed for incapacitation and end-of-life planning. The free workbook consists of seven getting your affairs in order worksheets, including:

    • Will & Estate Plan
    • Significant Assets
    • Financial Advisors & Accounts
    • Vital Records
    • Insurance Policies
    • Memorial Plan
    • And more…

We hope you find this workbook helpful in preparing for the future.

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Getting your affairs in order is an important process for ensuring that your future plans run as smoothly as possible. This involves making decisions relating to legal, financial, and medical care preparations. For example, it could include creating a will that outlines how you would like your possessions to be divided after your death, naming an attorney-in-fact to carry out your wishes if you became incapacitated, or writing down who should receive which of your assets if something were to happen to you. Other tasks may involve arranging funeral and/or burial arrangements, deciding on a guardian for any minor children, and filing any necessary documents with the proper government bodies. Taking the time to get these matters in order before anything happens can help prevent difficult situations from developing later on down the line.

While it can seem daunting to organize your life, knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to document everything is a great feeling and can provide huge peace of mind. Life Events offers a free workbook to use as a guideline when getting your affairs in order. This workbook acts as an all-encompassing tool that covers topics ranging from updating powers of attorney and designating beneficiaries to considering expenses needed for medical care. It’s worth taking the time every few years, or when needed, to make sure that these decisions are up-to-date with your wishes and preferences so that you can rest assured that no matter what happens, your wishes will be respected.

Unfortunately, yes. Assuming responsibility for someone’s affairs requires access to a great deal of information. We’ve attempted to outline all of it in the free workbook.

Life Events will soon be launching an online service to help families organizing and sharing the information. Follow this link to get on the wait list.

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