Merry Christmas Mom Poem

Merry Christmas Mom

A family gathering Time for traveling Gifts to gather and bring Merry Christmas Mom   The lighting of the tree Our hearts full of glee Friends and family Merry Christmas Mom   Light snow at night House decorated just right A season full of delight Merry Christmas Mom   A hug and warm embrace The […]

So Proud of You Needs To Be Said More Often

so proud of you

Expressing pride in family members, friends, and co-workers is essential to healthy relationships, as it reinforces the positive behavior these crucial people in our lives show. Saying I’m so proud of you takes only a second, but the effect can last a lifetime. Studies have indicated that positive affirmation from friends and family during childhood […]

Expressing Sympathy To An Ex

Expressing Sympathy to an ex

During grief, loss, and illness, it’s appropriate to express sympathy to someone. When someone is an ex, expressing sympathy can be challenging and should be approached cautiously. Expressing sympathy to an ex shows you recognize their struggles and care about their wellbeing. Expressing sympathy can be done in many ways. Sympathy can be expressed through […]

Be The Things You Loved The Most

Be The Things You Loved The Most

Aging can be challenging. Society tells us that we should be ashamed of our wrinkles and gray hair, but the truth is that getting older is a privilege denied to many. As we age, it’s important to remember all the things we loved about life when we were younger. Finding ways to incorporate them into […]

202 Questions To Ask Your Mom

Questions for Mom

And none of them is “are we there yet?” You only get one mother, so it makes sense to get to know her. Spending time with her can greatly deepen your relationship and help you learn new things about her. Plus, it’s just nice to show your mom you care and love her! Even though […]

Special Moments: What are they? What makes them special?

Special Moments

If you were asked today to give your eulogy, what would you say? What is it you’d want people to know? For most of us, our thoughts turn to the people and experiences we remember most fondly. These are our special moments. We are the sum of our experiences, and our experiences shape and reshape […]

55 Unique Message Ideas for Gift Cards

message ideas for gift cards

The gift card or eGift card is an excellent choice for various occasions. Some people are concerned gift cards could seem uninspiring or impersonal. A solution to this concern is adding a personal touch with an appropriate message to elevate the gift to a higher status. We’re offering message ideas for gift cards as inspiration […]

Best Wishes For All Occassions

best wishes

Sending family members our best wishes for weddings, birthdays, or any other event is something everyone does. While there aren’t rules to observe, sending best wishes for future events or sending our best wishes via good luck quotes and messages is considered a nice gesture. The great thing about sending best wishes is you do […]

Virtual Hug: What is it? How to send one

virtual hug

What is a virtual hug? How can you send one? This article will help you to understand the subject and what you can do for someone you don’t have time to see. Every now and again, who doesn’t want a hug? There are many reasons to hug someone: support, friendship, celebration, love, and so much more. However, virtually […]