Names That Mean Death or Darkness

names that mean death or darkness

The name you choose for your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make. It will likely stay with them for their entire life. People want unique names for their children. Sometimes, they choose names that mean death or have dark or immortal connotations. People choose names based upon their own experiences, […]

Hope You Feel Better Soon Messages – A Place To Start

Hope You Feel Better Soon

I hope you feel better soon is a message you send someone unwell or in poor health. Always wish them these words since they show empathy and express care about the person. Even if you’re not all that close to them it’s still important to wish them good health and hope they feel better in […]

Funeral Songs – Your Questions Answered

funeral songs

This article answers frequently asked questions about funeral songs. Funerals have been used for thousands of years to express our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. The relationship between music and memories is incredibly powerful, and research has shown that music reactivates areas of the brain associated with memory. A recent study in BMC Neuroscience has given […]

How to write a memorial announcement

how to write a memorial announcement

Determining how to write a memorial announcement can be difficult when trying to tell a close friend or loved one. Memorial announcements are not only used to announce the sad news, but they also serve as a reminder for family members and friends who attend the memorial. Memorial announcements are often a summary of someone’s […]

Sugar Skulls: All You Need to Know, and More

multicolored sugar skull decor

Sugar skulls are a common sight in media, design, and fashion. These colorful skulls, which are symbols of the Day of the Dead in Mexico or Dia de Los Muertos worldwide, have spread widely. People place sugar skulls on altars and graves to honor their loved ones each year on the Day of the Dead. […]

What to wear to a funeral?

what to wear to a funeral

It is a difficult dilemma to decide what to wear to a funeral. It can be overwhelming to find yourself in this exact situation. It can be hard to find a suitable funeral outfit for someone you care about, whether the deceased is your loved one, a friend, mentor, or colleague who has died. This […]

Virtual Hug: What is it? How to send one

virtual hug

What is a virtual hug? How can you send one? This article will help you to understand the subject and what you can do for someone you don’t have time to see. Every now and again, who doesn’t want a hug? There are many reasons to hug someone: support, friendship, celebration, love, and so much more. However, virtually […]

Shinigami: The Japanese Spirt of Death Explained


Shinigami are the Japanese gods of death. They ferry people from the land where they live into the land where they die. It’s difficult to grasp the role of these gods. This article will explain the origins and history of the Shinigami, as well as how they impact Japan’s current views on death. What is a […]

How do I Choose a Good Attorney for a Will and Estate Plan?

good attorney

Choosing a good attorney for will and estate planning can be challenging. While death is an unfortunate fact of life that you can’t always control, you can manage what happens to your estate after you’re gone. If you’re comfortable enough to plot what comes next, choosing a good attorney for a will and estate plan […]

All You Need To Know About Mausoleums


Mausoleums have gained prominence for years due to their architectural designs and historical significance. Many families have plans to preserve memories of their lost loved ones and create a lasting legacy. A common means is through the use of a mausoleum. This article gives an in-depth understanding of mausoleums, their different types, and their functions. […]