Expressing Sympathy To An Ex

Expressing Sympathy to an ex

During grief, loss, and illness, it’s appropriate to express sympathy to someone. When someone is an ex, expressing sympathy can be challenging and should be approached cautiously. Expressing sympathy to an ex shows you recognize their struggles and care about their wellbeing. Expressing sympathy can be done in many ways. Sympathy can be expressed through […]

Be The Things You Loved The Most

Be The Things You Loved The Most

Aging can be challenging. Society tells us that we should be ashamed of our wrinkles and gray hair, but the truth is that getting older is a privilege denied to many. As we age, it’s important to remember all the things we loved about life when we were younger. Finding ways to incorporate them into […]

202 Questions To Ask Your Mom

Questions for Mom

And none of them is “are we there yet?” You only get one mother, so it makes sense to get to know her. Spending time with her can greatly deepen your relationship and help you learn new things about her. Plus, it’s just nice to show your mom you care and love her! Even though […]

Get Your Affairs In Order

get your affairs in order

Doctors tell terminally ill patients to get their affairs in order. What does this phrase mean? Should you wait for a doctor to tell you to do it? What does it entail? All of these questions and more are answered in this article. What does get your affairs in order mean? The phrase “get your […]

End-of-Life Planning Checklist

end of life planning checklist

Everyone should do end-of-life planning, but few people take the time to do it. It can be challenging to think about your death, but getting your affairs in order can make things much easier for your loved ones when the time comes. Our end-of-life planning checklist helps you ensure that all of your bases are […]

Past Medical History Helps First Responders Avoid Mistakes

Past Medical History

What if this were you? You go out to a new lunch spot alone, order food, and eat like any other day. You finish, pay, and begin heading towards your car. Suddenly, you don’t feel good and start to collapse in the parking lot The restaurant sees you on your knees and calls 911, but […]

The 7 Stages of Grief

the 7 stages of grief

The 7 stages of grief are a well-known psychological model that helps people understand the process of bereavement. Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross first proposed the model in her book, “On Death and Dying.” What are the 7 stages of grief: The seven stages of grief do not necessarily occur in a specific order, and some people […]

Special Moments: What are they? What makes them special?

Special Moments

If you were asked today to give your eulogy, what would you say? What is it you’d want people to know? For most of us, our thoughts turn to the people and experiences we remember most fondly. These are our special moments. We are the sum of our experiences, and our experiences shape and reshape […]

You Will Be Missed – 21 Ways To Express This Emotion

You Will Be Missed

As time passes, we lose people close to us. Maybe it will be a mother, father, or best friend, but inevitably it happens. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there near the end and get to say goodbye. Many people struggle to express their thoughts at this moment and want to communicate that “you will be […]

55 Unique Message Ideas for Gift Cards

message ideas for gift cards

The gift card or eGift card is an excellent choice for various occasions. Some people are concerned gift cards could seem uninspiring or impersonal. A solution to this concern is adding a personal touch with an appropriate message to elevate the gift to a higher status. We’re offering message ideas for gift cards as inspiration […]