Family and Other Relationships

Ashleigh Brilliant

  1. This information can be useful for informing significant others in your life when there is sudden illness or other crisis.  Often the focus of thought and energy from others at these times can be a source of healing and reconnection to one’s personal community.  Of course, at the time of death, your immediate family (friends) can access quickly those primary others to be informed and the ‘fan out’ calls to the rest will follow.

  1. Be sure your PR knows the location of your address book (and that it is kept updated!)  If addresses are located in a computer, ensure access to these is reviewed.  A suggestion would be to keep a printed copy of addresses in the “Appendices” section of this manual for speedier finding.  The high-level organizer might even have address labels printed and ready to peel off for mailing out notices!  (We do inform others of births and marriages…why not for other life events like illness and death?)

  2. For those with dependants (children or dependent adults), you will want to add more pages behind this form to indicate aspects of their lives and care that you would want made known to guardians.  If looking after an aged parent, be sure plan for unforeseen circumstances should you not be able to fulfill this role, and let your PR know who to contact for needed care and assistance.

  3. Don’t forget those four-legged (or two!) critters that may be a special part of your life.  Find out who could / would take your pet in the event of being ‘orphaned’.  Again, additional information might be helpful in making this transition for your pet(s).


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