The Order in the House organizer, once completed, contains all personal information and documents needed for easy reference by you, your designated decision maker (representative), or your executor. The 3 ring binder organizer is comprised of 16 tabbed divider sections, 12 of which contain fill-in-the-blank forms, each having its own “Hints and Reminders” guide for completion. Section titles of information to complete include:

    Order in the House
  • Personal Data
  • Family/Relationships
  • Employment/Income
  • Medical/Health
  • Professional Services
  • Utilities/Contracts
  • Banks/Financial
  • Real Estate/Housing
  • Vehicles/Boats
  • Associations/Memberships
  • Personal Insurance
  • Estate/Funeral Plans

The Order In The House binder has custom designed vinyl pocket sections, complete with peel-off labels, to hold passports, licenses, certificates and important papers for easy retrieval. The binder cover is of high quality stitched and embossed vinyl, ready to enclose your records and documents for a very long time.

Who Would Use It?

YOU: Just think how easy it would be to find the information you need if your car or wallet is stolen and you have to make all those phone calls! Passports, birth and marriage certificates are easily retrieved. Moving house?...simply look under 'Utilities' and there are the service companies to notify.

YOUR DESIGNATED DECISION-MAKER: Have you ever thought about someone else making your life decisions for you? What if you were incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself? If it might be necessary to make major medical decisions about YOUR life…is someone informed and ready to do that for you? Planning for this possibility and written down in your copy of Order In The House... book will be one of the most loving acts you can do.

YOUR EXECUTOR: The person you choose to complete your personal affairs at the end of life will greatly appreciate your having everything about you recorded in orderly fashion. Order for YOUR house... what a great last impression to leave!

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