Heather & Gordon Thurston – Partners, Life Events

Heather Thurston Heather Thurston BSN, who lives near Victoria, BC is an Advance Decision Making Consultant and seminar presenter. Heather brings to the arena of advance life planning an extensive background in geriatric nursing. Her personal experience and professional work with families challenged with decision making for others has led to Heather’s awareness that most adults do not have their affairs in order for that unknown time when decisional incapacity or death occurs. Her objective in designing and creating an organizer book and seminar presentation is to assist as many adults as possible to get their affairs in order long before a major life-altering event or disease occurs.

Gordon ThurstonGordon Thurston B.A., B.D. is an ordained clergyman in private practice who provides (since 1988) personalized ceremonial services, primarily memorial and funeral services, in the greater Victoria, BC community. Gordon has also be made aware through his work with clients that crisis does not have a known schedule – and many are often caught ill prepared for the many ‘things to do and know’ in the wake of sudden death. As partner promoter of Heather’s organizer book, Order in the House, Gordon’s services provide opportunity for people to do end-of-life and memorial planning as part of having affairs in order.

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